miércoles, 18 de julio de 2012


1- The Door.

Walking down Queen Street heading towards the harbor, you can find a door in the middle of the street that says, in a wooden carved sign, "Vortex Inside". If you dare to open that door, all you will see is a whirlpool of thick liquefied darkness - every time I see that it reminds me of a cup of coffee being stirred by a spoon-.

So, once you step in the whirlpool, you will become part of that darkness, and as you are liquefied and you begin to move within the liquid, you'll feel a compression in your chest, and a lift in your toes. That is the very moment when you know that the Vortex is working, and by the time you leave the door behind, you will be straying into a whole new version of Queen Street.

Once there the sun is almost the same, and the coldness of the air when you feel it with your skin is very nearly the same... but... at the moment you take your first breath, you'll notice that the smell is utterly different, like when you try to breath under water that something itches in the back of your nose. And the colors are shifted, so the street looks like someone has been smoothly playing with the HUE bar of reality.

So, How much will things change? You ask me, which is the amount of changing that you will perceive?. Well my dear friend, if you are eager to know, once you close the Vortex Door and your feet meets the squared tiles of the new queenstreet you will be exactly fifteen centimeters aside of the reality.

This is how I see Auckland now, this is how I've been seeing you, and mark my word, as long as you see like this you'll be delighted. But a piece of advise as well, because those tiny fifteen centimeters weightens a lot, and they are the anchor of your soul to the true reality. Therefore if you want to open this door, keep in mind, you will need to find a powerfull lighthouse and a reliable compass to guide you.

After such introduction, by such a curious men, all I could do, was stand up, run out of the Hostel, and seek that door.

lunes, 9 de julio de 2012

Escafandra en desconexión
como sin respiración.
Debajo del agua
por ahí se escapa,
casi del otro lado del mundo
y todo en un segundo
con tanta pasión,
tan de golpe que es lluvia sin paraguas.
Uno vuelve de lejos
como superhéroe con capa.